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How to build your Online Authority?

Written by Aimene yellas and Houssain hadj

Marketing graduates and experimentors Aimene and houssein share digital marketing tips and strategies to help you level-up your marketing knowledge

January 25, 2021

Authority is the fact that people perceive you as someone who has some knowledge or some power around certain areas in life.

We see our professors in the universities as authorities in their field because they know what they are talking about, So we take what they say to us. We take their advice, and we take everything they provide because they know what they’re talking about.

And so, in the business world, authority can mean the same thing. Like if you are known for something or do something really well, that people perceive you as an authority, this has a lot of benefits, which can only give to your business and you.

The importance of authority:

Rise the trust from your customers and prospects

Once you demonstrate your expertise in your industry, people will be more comfortable and ready to trust you which lead usually increase your sales, develop your business, and shortening the purchase process of your customers, because as we know customers are taking the majority of time in their purchase journey searching and looking for a brand that they can trust and meet all their requirements.

Create a positive halo effect.

The halo effect is our behavior or the way we perceive others based on our first impression of them. Essentially, your overall impression of a person, (“He is nice!”) affects your evaluations of that person’s specific traits (“He is also smart!”). Once you have authority and you have a great reputation, people will be impressed with you and based on that, they will act, which for sure will be good acting, whether to buy your products or contributing to improving your business.

Attract online and offline referrals

people that we are connecting with, or we are affecting are real people, so once we attract or affect them online means that we are also affected them offline, and that can generate word of mouth strategy because once someone trust you and trust your business, he will for sure promote your product or your brand and recommend them to other people because they are more comfortable with it. It is one of the powerful marketing strategies that don’t cost anything but can bring a lot of value to your business.

Respect amongst your peers

The more authority you have, the more respect you get amongst your peers. Because when people see you as a valuable source in the industry, the niche, or the market; they will tend to trust you more and try to get beneficial partnerships that serve both parties or business opportunities that they feel like you can achieve them because you have that authority that people are striving for.

So you have reached the point where your industry peers no longer become your competition but the most significant assets that can give you the most deployment.

Attraction to your new projects

Authority can also give you attraction to new projects that you might have. So your new projects will have an in the stars reach, which is way bigger than most people because people already trusted you, and you already have the trust of a portfolio of clients and customers.

With those, you can start new projects and start in new fields, start working with the bigger competition, from here you can expand. Because like they say, this is why the rich become richer, and the poor stay poorer; This is the way our world works, The more you have, the more you will get, and the less you have, the less you are willing to receive. Try to get the authority in the first place, and then you can spread and scale to bigger horizons.

How to build your online authority

Keep your message clear

Once you create your business goals and values, you have to well deliver them to your audiences in order to allow them to understand what you are standing for and to prove your expertise. First, you have to speak the language of your audience and make the message straight to the point. Then, you have to study your target audience by gathering the aggregation of their demographic and geographic information, their cultures, their beliefs, and more.

Be genuine

Say what you are standing for, demonstrating authenticity, and prioritizing your values by making the first thing that you have to work on. People are tending to trust someone who puts his values in the first place before making a profit or gaining benefit, someone who shows commitment and doesn’t parse his words or sugarcoat the truth. That will make them more attracted to your business and show a high level of trust.

Working on your online presence

Another thing that you need to work on is your online presence. And this includes maybe a website, a video channel, and social media, so these are three points that you need to focus on to achieve an outstanding online presence And the more you will learn about them, the more you are willing to serve in them.

So, beginning by your website: Your website is your most significant asset; in it, you can show people who you are, create a blog on the site, and start bringing value to other people or anything that could help your audience and from where you could stay connected with them in a platform that you own because the website is the only thing that you own.

Video channels

In addition to the website, you can do a video channel; like a channel on YouTube:

Here, there is another opportunity for you because YouTube or any other video channels are not just a platform for you to do videos, and that’s it. They are a social media because people are engaging and interacting there, and at the same time, they are focused only on videos, and it is where people are going to see the real you and the person that stands behind the brand. They’re going to see your personality, your voice, They’re going to see everything, so you want those things to be representative of your brand.

 Social media

There are social media, which is another platform that can give you a more significant reach and where you can find any category of people you want to serve.

Those platforms allow you to stay connected in groups and interact with each other; See what people believe and how do they talk, so stay active and respond to all the questions that you might have in your niche because the more you serve, the more people are going to trust you.

Speaking of serving them at your best, you should bring value to all these channels. When you start building authority online, you start giving value, spreading it to the people you want to serve, let it be in your style, don’t try to imitate someone else, and be genuine.

It can be of a low value in the short end, but in the long-term, this is going to be the deciding factor on whether you are an authority or not. Because people will see if you help them, or you responded to some of their questions. Maybe it’s not even asked for you. It’s asked just like that in groups or maybe in communities, but people will come back to that and try to get more of your attention or knowledge, and here you created a demand for it.

Now you have authority around this audience because they now know that you are credible. And the things that you are saying works. You can start to leverage that and create a business around it.

Write and optimized for informational keywords

Sharing relevant content that brings value to your audiences whether by teaching them some techniques or providing them informational and educational articles will solidify your authoritative status and bring you more qualified traffic. If you are optimizing for long-tail keywords like ‘ How to learn digital marketing’ you will gain a better ranking in search engines.

In order to find the best keywords for your content make sure to realize a benchmarking study where you analyze your competitors’ strategies and see what keywords are working for them.

Make sure to adopt a blogging strategy because blogs are considered the ideal tool where you can use many keywords, also blogs are so amiable by search engines because they are considered fresh content that is updated regularly.

Creating video content

Videos are so informational since they are a combination of images, audios, and scripts. This versatility made video content so engaging, optimized to every platform, and accessible for everyone who has the internet. In research conducted by HubSpot, 99% of marketers are using video content to promote businesses and brands.

Through video content, you can show customers who you are exactly, what are you standing for, and where you are headed.

Hosting webinars

Webinars are the most suitable environment where you can share your knowledge and demonstrate your expertise, the fact that webinars are a direct channel of communication makes them a powerful tool to educate, understand your audience, respond to their inquiries and questions, and have a real conversation with them.

Be a contributor

Another point is contributing to other blogs or other media channels, or maybe other social media profiles.

What does contribution do?

People will see that you contributed to this blog or this article, in this media channel, or maybe in this social media profile. When they’re going to see that, they will feel that this platform’s owner is trusting you and giving you the advantage of contributing because they have trust in your knowledge and the things you are saying. So people will instantaneously trust you more, which is a huge win.

Let their audiences feel your style

This also is going to let them feel your style, each one of us has his own style and anyone’s style, whether you are a nerd or maybe you belong to a particular category of people like an athletic, an entrepreneur or perhaps you have a specific type of personality “introvert or extrovert.”

I’m here to tell you that all the types work because in the world many people are like you and they speak like you, they want to see someone like them so don’t try to emit someone or create a fake personality around your brand because people are going to notice it. And they won’t like it.

The more you are genuine and let them feel your style, the more they can love you.

 Help you with SEO

A contribution is not just going to be for people. When you contribute to other blogs or other more prominent websites, the search engines will see that people trust you in the industry. That means they will give you the links and all that because they’re going to refer back to you; This is a signal for search engines like Google to know that you are an authority, and so your content needs to be spread. So this is how it works; This is how search engine optimization works.

We hope this will inspire you to begin thinking about creating an online business. And you can listen to our podcast each week, and we bring a new topic providing you with some new techniques that you could implement to achieve your goals.

Aimene yellas

I am Aimene Yellas, I graduated this year with a marketing degree from Ecole supèrieur de commerce, and I live on passions, the biggest ones yet are marketing and gardening.

Houssain hadj

My name is Houssaine Hadj, I graduated this year with a master degree in marketing and communication from the school of higher commercial studies (EHEC-Algiers) what made me more attracted to marketing is the fact that it requires analytical skills to treat and process data to come up with accurate results.

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