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Interview with community manager and social media expert Houssaine hadj

Written by Aimene yellas and Houssain hadj

Marketing graduates and experimentors Aimene and houssein share digital marketing tips and strategies to help you level-up your marketing knowledge

April 29, 2021


Continuing with community management, Houssaine will share with us today his action steps and experiences in this field by giving real and concrete examples to clarify some point and also to provide us with some strategies and tools to make this process easier for the sake of enhancing your online presence and build a strong community that can help you to get a better insight about the path you should take to thrive.

I am Aimene Yellas, I graduated this year with a marketing degree from Ecole supèrieur de commerce, and I live on passions, the biggest ones yet are marketing and gardening.

My name is Houssaine Hadj, I graduated this year with a master degree in marketing and communication from the school of higher commercial studies (EHEC-Algiers) what made me more attracted to marketing is the fact that it requires analytical skills to treat and process data to come up with accurate results.

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