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About Us

About The Digital buddies Podcast

Discover how you can make the best use of online tools and create strategies for your online presence so that you could eventually create your online business and scall it to the next level, you’ll learn about building authority online, social media, affiliate marketing blogging and so much more.

Introducing The Digital Buddies Hosts

by Aimene & Houssain

Our Goals and Vision

Our vision is to share digital marketing knowledge and make it accessible for everyone who strives to learn and discover this astonishing field.

Spreading digital marketing culture and providing all the necessities to start your career as a successful marketer who is weaponed by a variety of strategies and tools that allow him/her to achieve better results and enhance his/her experiences. We are aiming to empower and motivate the ones who are taking or intending to take a step in the digital marketing world to start to act and learn to create an outstanding career.

Who We Are

Aimene and Houssaine are digital marketers with a focus on sharing this passion. They graduated with a master’s degree in marketing and communication. By involving in several activities whether organizational or professional ones they got better expertise in the field and have practical experiences with a clear vision to implement the right tips and strategies to create and strengthen your online business presence.

Our Story

Everything has started that time when we recognized how much we are excited once we start to discuss what we’ve learned and exchanged our digital marketing knowledge, then the idea comes to our minds, Why not starting a podcast series to share our interests and passion as much as possible with those who have the same perception, and take our experiences into another level as well.

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Meet The Hosts

Aimene Yellas

Aimene Yellas


Hey there, I’m glad that you are here to know more about the team behind The digital buddies podcast let me give you a small overview about us, so I am Aimene Yellas, I graduated this year with a marketing degree from Ecole supèrieur de commerce, and I live on passions, the biggest ones yet are marketing and gardening.

 Let’s talk about marketing, what got me into this field ?

Well this was love from the first sight from the day I discovered the potential of it around 3 years from now, but I wasn’t quite there yet, I didn’t know where to start or how to start, until I began working on a digital related topic for my thesis. Then I started to see the light in our long term relationship.


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Each day I went to work on my thesis I ended up spending the whole day reading about all those topics to end up with a bunch of ideas that I wanted to implement so bad, and so the wisest idea for me was to create a website around something I were passionate about and since you know already what one of my passions actually is! Right gardening, and so I created a website around that, and now I’m growing my small blog that teaches people how to grow plants online, and it is a really fulfilling experience for me, it taught me a lot of lessons that I would love to share with you through this platform that we are creating here with my friend Houssaine.

Houssaine Hadj

Houssaine Hadj


My name is Houssaine Hadj, I graduated this year with a master degree in marketing and communication from the school of higher commercial studies (EHEC-Algiers), My passion for digital marketing has started 3 years ago when I discovered it for the first time and recognized that it’s a wide field that encompasses a lot of subconcepts, and it’s not limited to only theoretical attributes, but technical and practical studies, and what made me more attracted to it is the fact that it requires analytical skills to treat and process data to come up with accurate results. Then, I became more hungry to learn more about this amazing field and digging to find every source of information that can help me in my research.

The Digital Buddies

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